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Taxcare team provide the best and genuine possible solution according to its users.

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Document and personal details are kept on highly secured SSL servers and in 128-bit encrypted form.


Taxcare team provide support on email, phone and WhatsApp as per your convenience.

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1 - Register with mobile

Register on mobile app with your personal mobile number and add your PAN as client of e -Return Intermediary.

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2 - Upload your documents

Upload document of salary slip, Form-16, bank statements, any saving documents and income tax notices, if any.

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3 - Taxcare Team

Our expert team is highly trained and experienced in providing services of income tax solution to the clients.

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I love using taxcare app for filing of Income Tax Return of me and my Family. It helps me into estimated tax saving calculation for current year.

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Pricing plans

Save 100 ₹

499 ₹

599 ₹
  • Salary from Multiple Employer
  • Bank Interest
  • Dividend
  • Tax Saving
Save 176 ₹
Salary + Capital Gain

699 ₹

875 ₹
  • Salary from Multiple Employer
  • Share Trading
  • Bank Interest
  • Dividend
  • Tax Saving
Save 200 ₹
Salary + Capital Gain + Rental

799 ₹

999 ₹
  • Salary
  • Capital Gain
  • Rental Income
  • Bank Interest
  • Dividend
  • Tax Saving
Best value
Mera CA

1099 ₹

  • Advance Tax Checkup
  • Automatically Rent Receipts
  • Various Tax Tools
  • Income Tax Estimation
Mera CA + ITR

1199 ₹

  • ITR Filing
  • Advance Tax Checkup
  • Automatically Rent Receipts
  • Various Tax Tools
  • Income Tax Estimation

499 ₹

  • Income Tax Notice Assistance
  • Reply Income Tax Notice
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What is income tax return?

Income tax return is a detailed document of income earned, loss occurred or investment made by any person during previous year.

What is e-Filing of income tax return?

e-filing of income tax return is submission of your income tax return on Income Tax Portal( . As per the latest announcement by the Income Tax Department, at present income tax returns can be filed through the online method only.

Is it mandatory to file Income Tax Return online?

Yes, as per instructions of Income Tax Department, it is mandatory to e-file income tax return. However, the super senior citizens (above 80 years) are allowed to file income tax return offline though paper mode(ITR-1 and ITR-4) in Income Tax Department.

What is the process of filing income tax return online?

Download taxcare app on mobile and submit your documents. Our ITR Expert Team will file your income tax return on your behalf.

What are modes of verification of income tax return?

e-Verification of income tax return must be completed within 30 days from the date of filing, failure of which invalidation of income tax return. • Net banking account • Aadhaar based OTP • ITR-V sent to CPC Bangalore manually.

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